A hefty inheritance for the new Libyan government selected by the LPDF

While worldwide eyewitnesses and media see that the unfamiliar soldiers of fortune’s document, steadiness, security, and receptiveness of the waterfront street are the main issues confronting the new experts in Libya, President Mohamed Al-Manfi and Prime Minister Abdelhamid Dabaiba are more worried about getting back to their well known, social and provincial bases.

The British magazine “The Economist” sees the kickoff of the beachfront street as one of the errands confronting the new Libyan specialists, despite the fact that holding the official and parliamentary races in December is their essential capacity, the two tops of this authority are occupied with another course. Their beginning line is to begin from their social and well-known base, continuing in the strides of what was to be picked by the Dialog Committee in Geneva.

As far as concerns him, Muhammad Al-Manfi, the new leader of the administration, started his excursion with official and mainstream visits toward the eastern area of Benghazi, where he met the Commander-in-Chief of the National Army, Khalifa Haftar, visited the University of Benghazi and met with the notables of Cyrenaica in his city Tobruk, while the new Prime Minister Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba liked to limit the circle further, beginning from his city, Misurata, where he met with the notables of his city.

In the wake of being gotten by the General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Khalifa Haftar, Mohamed Al-Menfi went to Al-Beida, where the between time equal government is based, to tune in to a few dignitaries, civic chairmen of the Green Mountain locale, and common society characters.

The new President of the Presidential Council after Al-Beida has shown up in Tobruk, the seat of Parliament, the House of Representatives, to which Prime Minister Dabaiba should introduce his group to acquire trust in the court. In this specific circumstance, Al-Menfi was gotten by the top of the Chamber, Aguila Saleh Issa, at his home in Dougga. The two have managed different records, specifically public compromise and the unification of the military and establishments, just as the giving of trust to the new government.

The Economist said in its last report that Manfi and Dabaiba are dealing with certain old issues, the greatest of which is the mediation of unfamiliar forces, some of which don’t need the new organization to succeed, however, trust has expanded before. a half year, since the truce held. What’s more, the trading of detainees between the two clashing gatherings occurred.

The media see the errand of the two new specialists with suspicion, and what they do. The aims thus contrast, while individuals hang tight for their issues of regular daily existence to be settled, notwithstanding constituent rights. The administration of the Covid, the arrangement of power and administrations, the rebuilding of security and the arrival of the uprooted to their homes, just as the public compromise, address a weighty heritage to deal with that will decide the achievement of the new chief, despite the fact that it has just eight months to achieve all that.

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