Dagalo: Sudan Army ‘focused on leaving the political scene

The Vice President of the Sudan Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti), said Monday that the Sudanese Army is “true in its obligation to leave the political scene, as long as the objective is to accomplish dependability and thriving”.

This arrived in a meeting with the BBC Arabic site delivered a few days after Dagalo declared that the Sovereign Council has chosen to “pass on the standard to regular citizens and limit the Army to public errands”.

Dagalo added that the Army has neglected to bring change, adding “when you contemplate transformation, you have an objective and a dream for change. Be that as it may, sadly, the arranged objective has not been accomplished. Furthermore, presently we have gone for the more regrettable”.

Dagalo denied having political aspirations, including running for president yet said he will constantly be available assuming Sudan needs him.

“I have no political desire, yet the truth forced on me to be available, and this is a reality that I should say. Assuming individuals come and make up for this shortcoming, and they depend on the obligation, we will absolutely help them so our nation doesn’t implode,” he added.

Since 25 October 2021, Sudan has seen well-known fights and the remarkable measures taken by the Head of the Sovereign Council, Army Commander, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan.

On 4 July, Al-Burhan reported that the tactical foundation will avoid the public exchange under the “three-sided system” protection.

“After the development of the chief government, the Sovereignty Council will be broken down and a Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will be framed from the Armed Forces and Rapid Support,” he added.


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