Ethiopia: Talks on Nile dam should zero in on filling

Ethiopia today has repeated its position that three-dimensional discourse on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam should zero in on the filling and activity, Anadolu Agency reports.

Ethiopia previously reported almost 80% of work on its $5 billion hydro dams on one of the primary feeders of the Blue Nile was finished.

The Horn of Africa country of 110 million populace intends to test two turbines not long after the coming stormy season — June, July, August — to take the supply volume up to 18 billion cubic meters.

In a week-by-week press preparation, Foreign Ministry representative Dina Mufti said Ethiopia took it to Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a week ago after its solid conviction on “African answers for African issues”.

Nonetheless, the Kinshasa round of talks between the three nations — Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan — didn’t achieve progress as the downstream nations needed to remove the intervention from the hands of the African Union (AU), the nearby telecaster FANA cited Dina as saying.

Dina added: “Egypt didn’t leave any stone unturned in its bid to take the make a difference to nations and establishments that it considers well disposed to it; it did as such during its AU chairmanship [2019] through to DRC’s.”

Ethiopia, he said, would not acknowledge carrying different entertainers with equivalent balance with the AU as middle people.

Sudan proposed before that the US, the EU, and the World Bank should join as go-betweens, a proposition Egypt backed and Ethiopia dismissed.

Talking about the developing boundary pressures with Sudan, he said, the Sudanese military wing was promoting an outsider mission against Ethiopia.

He said his nation was looking carefully into the consider made by Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok that the two nations present away from public scrutiny.

Ethiopia is approaching the global-local area to constrain Sudan to haul its soldiers out of involved Ethiopian regions.

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