Hamas responds to Israel’s threat against Gaza

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas has responded to the Israeli threat following the bombing attack in Jerusalem, for which Israel holds the movement responsible.

Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper reported Hamas’s message, passed to the Israeli occupation through the Egyptian mediator, warning: “Returning to the assassination policy will trigger the flame of a new massive wave of martyrdom operations, in addition to the explosion of the Gaza Strip in the face of the occupation.”

Hamas’s response was with reference to the Egyptian mediator’s message to Hamas that Israel: “Is to resume targeted assassinations if a link between the bombing and Hamas was revealed.”

Meanwhile, Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth wrote: “Currently, there is no information about Hamas’s connection to the bombing in Jerusalem, but Shin Bet had undermined plans for past bombings mostly run directly from Gaza or indirectly from Turkiye.”

At the same time, Shin Bet warned that Israel would never allow exploitation of measures to ease the siege imposed on Gaza by the Palestinian factions.

The Lebanese newspaper reported that the Palestinian resistance had reinforced its forces and organization to be ready for any possible Israeli aggression.



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