Israel powers physically pester Palestinian minors in penitentiaries: Report

Palestinian minors being held in Israeli correctional facilities have been exposed to lewd behavior by officials from the Israeli Nahshon Battalion, Quds Press announced yesterday.
As per the news site, the PLO’s Commission for Prisoners and Freed Prisoners announced that few minors kept in Maggedo Prison “had been dependent upon lewd behavior by officials from Israeli Nahshon powers.”

The confined young men said, “they had been annoyed purposefully by the Nahshon powers a few times.”

The association said that it had requested that its legal counselors circle back to the issue, noticing that the minors “became survivors of the sexual desire of their prison guards from the Nahshon powers without thought for their age.”

It called for worldwide associations to “earnestly step in to save these imprisoned youngsters and safeguard them.”

As of July 2022, there had been 4,550 Palestinian detainees inside Israeli prisons, including 27 females, 175 kids, and 670 Palestinians held under regulatory confinement — without charge or preliminary.


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