Israel: senior officials warn of chaos inside the army and end of the state

A number of senior Israeli officials have warned of chaos inside the Israeli army that might lead to Israel’s collapse, Al-Resalah reported on Wednesday.

Former Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Major General Matan Vilnai, has handed over a letter to Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu calling for an end to the “incitement wave” against the army. The letter was signed by 412 Israeli army veterans.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Vilnai is the CEO of Commanders for Israel’s Security. He is now a member of the Knesset and a government minister, as well as the current president of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce. He warned of the disintegration of the Israeli army and increased avoidance of compulsory military service. Such trends, he warned, will undermine the army and its ability to deal with challenges facing the state.

Nir Dvori, the military correspondent for Channel 2 News, reported that such warnings go deeper within the army. He reported that the incitement caused divisions between senior officers and their soldiers, leading to acts of disobedience by some of the latter.

Al-Resalah reported Israeli President Isaac Herzog as saying on Tuesday that Israel has been witnessing “dangerous divisions” that are threatening it from within. Speaking at a conference for local Israeli authorities, Herzog said that he hopes to see the state remain united until it is 80 years old. Earlier, Al-Resalah reported former Prime Minister Ehud Barak expressing fears that Israel will end before its 80th anniversary.

Netanyahu tweeted last week: “The IDF is the people’s army, I call on everyone, right and left, to leave it out of any political debate.”



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