‘It’s dangerous’: Syrian specialist in Poland cautions transients against venture through Belarus

Syrian specialist, Kassam Shahadah, gotten comfortable in Poland as a conflict-displaced person three years prior and presently chips in on its boundary to assist frantic With ordinary East travelers attempting to enter after a risky journey across freezing woods, Reuters reports.

He feels fortunate to have won home through the refuge. Furthermore, however, he comprehends similar desires to live in the European Union in the new flood of travelers, he has seen enough in his charitable effort to prompt them: Don’t do it thusly.

“Each kid longs for a superior life, of harmony and all that brings him happiness and satisfaction. Everyone would need to escape from that nation … It is damnation,” Shahadah said, alluding to his country from which a few transients have come.

“(Yet, it’s a dangerous course,” Shahadah, 54, said in the emergency clinic where he fills in as a family specialist in the northeastern Polish town of Grajewo. “I would not encourage anybody to make such an excursion. It is exceptionally unsafe and regularly finishes in disappointment.”

Around 10 transients are accepted to have kicked the bucket in the forest along the line, with cold winter setting in, as per neighborhood specialists, and a lot more have supported wounds or languished without food or water over days.

The European Union denounces Belarusian President, Alexander Lukashenko, of intentionally flying in Middle East transients and driving them to wrongfully penetrate its boundaries into Poland and Lithuania, in reprisal for EU sanctions forced over his concealment of fights against his contested re-appointment.

Minsk denies the allegations, yet the line emergency has swelled into a genuine East-West showdown.

Shahadah, who was attracted to Poland since he concentrated on medication there around thirty years prior, volunteers with a compassionate foundation managing recently showed up travelers.

He at times steps in as an Arabic interpreter for clinics treating travelers or helps transient families sort out what happened to friends and family who have disappeared or passed on.

Shahadah said fresh debuts are unnerved by being coercively gotten back to Belarus. “What they have seen, what they have survived on that side is a bad dream for them,” he said.


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