Lebanon protestors storm Ministry of Justice HQ

Many protestors on Friday raged the base camp of the Lebanese Ministry of Justice in the funding to request the consummation of the examination concerning the Port of Beirut blast.

The Lebanese National News Agency revealed: “Individuals from the uproar crew were acquired to eliminate individuals from the beginning of the service building.”

It added that the people who raged against the structure: “Attempted to arrive at the fifth floor, where the workplace of Minister of Justice in the overseer government, Henry Khoury, is found. He was not in his office.”

As per the Anadolu Agency journalist, the protestors requested that the examinations suspended since December 2021 be finished while avoiding “political competitions”.

It is significant that, with regard to the examinations concerning the blast, the Lebanese specialists captured around 17 individuals, including port laborers, managers, authorities, and security officials. Be that as it may, no charges were brought against them.

The blast, on 4 August 2020, killed in excess of 200 individuals, harmed around 6,500 others and harmed around 50,000 lodging units. Material misfortunes were assessed at almost $15 billion.


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