Lebanon’s Aoun accepts gov’t resignation before leaving office

Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Sunday signed a decree accepting the resignation of the country’s caretaker government, a day before his mandate expires without a designated successor, Anadolu reports.

“This morning, I sent a letter to the House of Representatives in accordance with my constitutional powers and signed the government’s resignation decree,” Aoun said in a speech at the Baabda presidential palace in Beirut.

Aoun’s six-year term is set to expire on Oct. 31, with lawmakers failing to agree on a new president.

In Lebanon, the president is limited to a single six-year term.

According to the Lebanese constitution, the Lebanese government assumes the authority of the country’s president in case of failure to elect a new president.

Observers warn that Lebanon could slide into “constitutional chaos” as Najib Mikati’s government has no power to rule since it was functioning in a caretaker capacity.



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