Palestine denounces Israel pioneers’ assault on Christian pastorate in Jerusalem

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs yesterday denounced Israeli pioneers’ attacks on pastors from the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate in the involved city of Jerusalem, portraying it as “induction to a strict conflict”.

The service said in articulation that it unequivocally censured the Israeli pilgrims’ fear-based oppressor attack on various pastors in the involved city of Jerusalem as they were headed to implore in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

The service asserted that this corrupt assault can’t be segregated from the occupation’s open conflict against Christian and Islamic sacred locales across the involved Palestinian regions.

The service considered the Israeli government liable for the assault, saying it is the aftereffect of “true calls for strict conflict” in Israel, which add up to atrocities and wrongdoings against mankind.

In an articulation on Wednesday, the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem “stringently censures the assault on Very Reverend Father Arbag Sarukhanyan by youthful Jews in the evening, when Fr. Arbag was going to the Holy Sepulcher Church.” Sarukhanian was harmed in the assault. He was raced to the clinic and was released subsequent to accepting the important treatment.