Palestinian groups reject Jerusalem Declaration endorsed by the US, Israel

Palestinian groups have completely dismissed the Jerusalem Declaration endorsed by US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, saying it addresses “a hostility” against the Palestinian public and their freedoms.

In its explanation after Biden and Lapid marked the statement on the essential organization between the different sides, Hamas made sense of that the understanding comes to further “combine Washington’s methodology of favoring and supporting the occupation’s hostility against our Palestinian individuals and their Islamic and Christian terrains and blessed locales and a continuation of the US dubious endeavors to exchange the Palestinian reason by coordinating this Zionist element into our Arab and Islamic Ummah [nation].”

“This announcement communicates the barefaced and unsuitable predisposition of the US organization toward the Zionist element and its possessing plans. It makes the US organization an accomplice in the Israeli occupation’s hostility and psychological oppression against our Palestinian land, individuals, and sacred natures,” it added.

Thusly, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine considered the arrangement a continuation of the hostility against the Palestinian public and their public privileges and said it gives Israel more opportunity to extend and develop its pioneer project in Palestine and its extension abroad.

It required “the acceleration of all types of opposition” against the “forceful provincial and Zionist strategies.”

As far as it matters for its, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine said the Jerusalem Declaration is an open greeting to light provincial conflicts and to support Israel’s forceful job to the detriment of the interests of the people groups of the area under the appearance of Israel’s “acceptable to safeguard itself”.

It cautioned of the repercussions of the plans of the United States and Israel to suffocate the district in “oceans of blood and numerous issues like impoverishment, starvation, misuse of riches and mass annihilation”.

The four-page Jerusalem Declaration incorporates an American obligation to Israel’s security and its tactical prevalence in the locale.


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