Palestinians require a restriction on shows in memorable Negev mosque

The Higher Steering Committee of the Arabs of the Negev has condemned the Israeli-controlled Beersheba Municipality’s choice to hold a show in the city’s Great Mosque fabricated over a long time back by the Ottomans as a position of love and a resting station for dealers.

“After the British entered Palestine, Muslims kept on supplicating [in the mosque] until the extended period of the Nakba [1948], and when Beersheba fell, it was utilized as a jail by the Zionists and afterward as a public gallery,” made sense of the panel. “In 2002, the Beersheba Municipality chose to hold an alcohol celebration in the mosque’s yards with the cooperation of in excess of 30 winemakers which prompted fights by nearby occupants, and the celebration was hence dropped.”

As per the Palestinians, in 2011, after a long fight in court with the Beersheba Municipality that went to the extent that the Supreme Court, the last option proposed to change the mosque into an extraordinary gallery for the way of life of Islam and Eastern people groups. This is as yet its true status. Today, in the common traditional political environment, the district has chosen to hold a show in the mosque’s yards.

“The Beersheba Mosque is a simply Islamic enrichment property which has a place with Muslims who are the first occupants of this nation,” demanded the council. “It should be gotten back to them just, and as needs are we request a quick finish to the infringement of the holiness of the mosque and its environmental elements, and for Muslims to be permitted to implore inside it, not least due to one side to rehearse one’s religion is a crucial right ensured by worldwide regulation.”


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