PLO rejects messing with UNRWA’s command

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has completely declined any progressions to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees’ command.

The Higher Committee of the PLO Executive Committee said during a gathering held yesterday that the main body with the ability to characterize UNRWA’s command is the United Nations General Assembly through the vote of Member States.

Examining what is going on considering the smothering monetary shortage and the assertions gave by the association’s Commissioner-General, Philippe Lazzarini, on fortifying organizations with worldwide associations to offer support for the benefit of UNRWA, the board of trustees dismissed Lazzarini’s idea.

It is an “offense and infringement” of the powers delegated to him as a top dog capable before the General Assembly for UNRWA’s work, as well as an “affront” to UNRWA’s standing, progression, and endurance, as an observer to the wrongdoing of removing a whole group from their country and land and their entitlement to get back to it to Add that it.

The board approached Lazzarini to withdraw his assertion and quest for new subsidizing models to assemble secure maintainable sponsorship that improves UNRWA’s job to do the errands shared with it as per the order given to it by Resolution 302.

The PLO additionally approached the UN to expand its monetary commitments to cover UNRWA’s monetary shortfall.




Do not judge me before u know me, but just to inform u, you won’t like me

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Do not judge me before u know me, but just to inform u, you won’t like me

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