President Erdogan censures the US for postponing F-16 deals

Turkiye’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan censured the United States for postponing the deals of F-16 warrior jets and for its proceeded with help to the YPG in northern Syria, promising that he will carry these issues to the consideration of US President Joe Biden when they meet in Madrid uninvolved of the NATO Summit, Reuters reports.

As indicated by the report, Biden and Erdogan talked about respective issues and a few provincial matters, including F-16 planes.

Erdogan said, “Our most talk with the US is about F-16s. Yet, the interaction is being deferred.”

The report says that the White House, in its proclamation, informed that Biden looks forward “to seeing President Erdogan at the NATO Summit in Madrid, where pioneers will talk about the outcomes of Russia’s attack of Ukraine for Transatlantic security and different dangers to the Alliance, like psychological warfare, as well as take memorable choices to reinforce the Alliance’s aggregate protection and security.”

With an extraordinary report, the New York Times expressed that the United States flagged another eagerness to sell updated F-16 warrior planes to Turkey, just after Turkey dropped its resistance to the NATO enrollment of Sweden and Finland.


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