Scores challenge Jordan-Israel gas bargain

Many Jordanians fought in the capital, Amman, yesterday approaching the public authority to annul a $10 billion gas understanding endorsed by the state-possessed National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) with Israel.

The dissidents accumulated close to the Ministry of Energy and NEPCO’s base camp and raised standards reviling the arrangement.

An individual from the occasion’s subsequent council, Muhammad Al-Absi, said the stand corresponds with the entry of a long time since the arrangement was agreed upon.

“Today we repeat our call, which didn’t stop by any means, to request the abrogation of this arrangement. We say it is absolutely impossible yet to drop this arrangement, which will make this country a pawn in the possession of the Zionist substance, and will be utilized to extort us about anything as it did in the water record,” he added.

Dissenter Suleiman Sweis said: “I stand today with my partners to secure the people in the future of Jordan, and to safeguard their poise and Jordan’s sway.”

The arrangement endorsed in 2016 among NEPCO and Noble Energy; administrator of Israel’s Leviathan gas field in the Mediterranean specifies that the occupation state will give Jordan around 45 billion cubic meters of gas, over a time of 15 years, beginning from January 2020.

As per NEPCO, purchasing Israeli gas saves about $300 million contrasted with getting it from worldwide business sectors.

In any case, Jordan has options in contrast to bringing in gas from Israel, including from Egypt, Iraq, and Algeria.


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