Syria arrests 6 officers for ‘treason’

The Syrian regime’s Military Intelligence Directorate has arrested six officers of different ranks on charges of “treason” after information was leaked to third parties that led to the assassination of a senior Iranian colonel last November near the capital, Damascus.

The local Voice of the Capital TV channel reported that the Officers’ Affairs Branch of the Military Intelligence Directorate arrested the six officers after intelligence revealed that they had acted as an “intelligence network for a foreign country” and leaked information about the movements of the senior Iranian aerospace commander Colonel Davoud Jafari that led to his assassination in late November 2022 at the hands of the “Zionist regime”.

According to the Syrian channel, Colonel Jafari was killed near Damascus International Airport with an explosive device during an intelligence mission in the Quneitra countryside near the border area with Israel.

In November, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps said in a statement that Colonel Jafari had lost his life in a roadside bomb blast on the outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus, blaming Israel for his death.

Colonel Jafari had visited southern Syria on a reconnaissance mission, accompanied by officers from the Saasa branch of Military Security a week before his death.



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