Tunisians fight during Independence Day, dismissing Saied’s ‘absolutism’ and ‘upset’

In the Tunisian capital, a great many Tunisians have exhibited on Sunday 20 March 2022, to recognize the 66th commemoration of Independence, and to call for ousting of what they call “the upset”. This exhibition came as a reaction to a call sent off by the “Residents against the Coup” lobby, as indicated by Anadolu Agency.

“Residents Against the Coup” is a well-known drive, that gave a proposition for a guide to ending the political emergency in Tunisia. The guide remembers holding early official and administrative races for the last part of 2022.

The demonstrators, who headed from the “Bab Saadoun” suburb in Tunis towards Bardo Square (the Parliament Building), raised trademarks including “Down with the upset”, “Opportunities, opportunities, the police state has finished”, “The legal executive is free and equity is the arrangement” and “Venturing down of the President is an obligation.”

In the meantime, the Tunisian specialists forced a prohibition on vehicles from going through “20 March” Street, which prompts the House of Peoples’ Representatives (Parliament) in Bardo suburb (the way of the meeting). Moreover, the specialists constrained metro vehicles not to stop at the stations that exist on the way to the meeting.

On the edges of the assembly, Riad Al-Shuaibi, political counselor to the Head of the Ennahda Movement, expressed to Anadolu Agency: “The present activity is a continuation of the battle to end the upset and to return Tunisia to the majority rule way.”

“Today is a memorable day for Tunisians since they recognize the 66th commemoration of Independence from the French colonization (1881–1956). Notwithstanding the security cordon and the captures of various people who needed to partake, we are unequivocally present here on this street towards Bardo,” Al-Shuaibi added.

As far as it matters for him, the individual from the “Residents against the Coup” drive in Tunisia, Jawhar Bin Mubarak, let Anadolu Agency know that “eight months have passed since the overthrow against a majority rule government, and today is considered as a chance for Tunisians to communicate their dismissal of Saied’s approach of absolutism.”

“The gigantic security presence, keeping many demonstrators from arriving at the beginning stage of the convention and capturing a few different people affirms that the current power tries to restore the police state and confine the right of articulation.” Bin Mubarak added.


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