UN: 13 killed in renewed tribal clashes in Sudan’s Blue Nile state

Thirteen people were killed, and 24 others were wounded in renewed tribal fighting in the Blue Nile State, south-east of Sudan, the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a statement yesterday, Anadolu reported.

“Inter-communal violence that spread into Blue Nile’s Ar Rusyaris locality from Wad Al Mahi in July, renewed on 13 October in Dam town 6 (Village 6), leaving at least 13 people dead and more than 24 injured,” OCHA said.

Citing unconfirmed reports, OCHA added that on 13 October, two Hamaji people were killed near Dam Town 6 in Wad Al Mahi locality due to a dispute over land which led to clashes between the Hausa community and other tribes in the Dam town areas that lasted until Sunday.

“There are unconfirmed reports that an estimated 1,200 people have been displaced and are taking refuge in schools in Dam town 6 and in the nearby Camp 6 refugee camp,” it added.

The UN office explained that security forces have been deployed in the area, and the situation remains tense, with the possibility of revenge attacks taking place at any time.

On 2 September, 18 people were killed, 23 others were injured and thousands were displaced as a result of tribal conflict in the Blue Nile State, according to Sudanese authorities.

Tribal clashes in July left 109 dead and dozens injured.

Ten days later, the United Nations reported the displacement of more than 31,000 people.

At the time, Sudanese cities, including the capital, Khartoum, witnessed protests condemning the tribal fighting in Blue Nile State.

Tribal clashes took place following calls from the Hamaji tribe to expel the Hausa tribe from the state, under the pretext of being “non-indigenous residents” in it.



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