Washington sanctions Tehran for FBI specialist vanishing

3 min readDec 15, 2020


In the most recent days of the Donald Trump administration in the United States, the organization’s tension on Iran stays high. In a couple of hours, Trump’s staff have imparted a few signs. What’s more, simultaneously, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has reacted with different moves. The information on the day is that the United States is presently straightforwardly censuring Iran for the vanishing and “plausible demise” of FBI specialist Robert Levinson vanished in Iran in 2007. The allegation goes ahead a move by the Treasury Department, which reported on Monday new authorizes against two senior authorities of the public authority of Tehran, Mohammad Baseri and Ahmad Khazai.

As indicated by numerous reports, the two authorities are individuals from the Iranian insight framework, blamed for being the culprits of Levinson’s seizing. The Treasury Department, declaring the assents, blamed the Iranian government for having set up the arrangement first to cause the American specialist to vanish and afterward to cover its function with a disinformation campaign. Already a couple of months prior, the Trump organization had inferred that it trusted Levinson was dead, without giving the purposes behind this end. In October, a Washington court requested Iran to pay Levinson’s family $ 1.35 billion to repay them for the misfortune.

Levinson vanished on March 9, 2007, on the island of Kish, where he should meet with a source. From the outset, it was accounted for that the specialist was chipping away at a private examination. However, “The Associated Press” uncovered six years after the fact that Levinson was on a mission for CIA examiners, who didn’t have the power to request such an operation. The family introduced confirmations that Levinson was as yet alive in 2010 and afterward a video in 2011 when they got some photographs of him with a long facial hair growth and orange jumpsuit like those of the Guantanamo detainees.

The authorizations against the two Tehran insight authorities come only days after the exchange of intensity from Trump to Joe Biden, to such an extent that a US knowledge source tells the Washington Post that the move could be an endeavor to set boundaries for the space of Biden’s move with Iran.”There should never again be an arranged arrangement with Iran that doesn’t accommodate the arrival of Americans who are unfairly detainees in that nation.” The wellspring of the organization tells the Washington Post, adding that they anticipate that dealings should continue one year from now, yet they should incorporate the get back of three American residents.

On the Iranian front, President Hassan Rouhani talked yesterday to send a few messages. The first, to the United States and Europe, on the substance of a potential new atomic arrangement. Tehran needs the United States to re-visitation of regarding the one endorsed with Barack Obama and surrendered by Trump in 2018. Yet, Washington reaffirmed the need to stretch out the settlement likewise to ballistic rockets, not simply atomic force. “President Biden realizes very well that the Iranian rocket program is non-debatable and won’t enter any new conversations,” Rouhani asserted.

The Iranian president clarifies this decisively in light of the fact that the issue of the Iranian ballistic program has for quite some time been on the table. Without falling back on atomic weapons, Iran, by building up its rocket abilities, would have the option to keep numerous Arab nations in the area and Israel itself in danger. Consequently, for quite a long time, even European governments — most as of late the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas — have contended that they will re-visitation of managing Iran just if Tehran consents to discuss its rocket programs. Be that as it may, Rouhani dismissed this chance.

The Iranian president at that point refers to the instance of the European fights for the Zam case, the writer hanged a week ago, blamed for having affected and coordinated the revolt of December 2018 with his messages on Telegram. “I don’t figure it will harm our relations with Europe. The Iranian legal framework is autonomous of the desire of the public authority.” The president says, showing that his execution agreed to nearby law.